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Dangerous Roads
Posted by :Nareash Matai Level :city (Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra ) Type :common Issue Category :City and Town planning

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It was a time, not long ago, when roads in Ulhasnagar were ranked next to Mumbai. And now the condition of roads is such that even Ambarnath and Badlapur looks much ahead of Ulhasnagar.

Our civic corporation comprises of land measuring about 13 km, which is shortest than many small villages in Maharashtra and yet the corporation is unable to construct quality roads despite earning handsome revenues in the form of taxes and LBT etc.

See the condition of C-Block road , starting from UMC office to Century Gate via Shahad Station. It's in a very pitiable condition. Many accidents have occurred on this road. Last year one girl student also sadly died on this road after falling off from her scooter, while negotiating a big pothole there.

Surprisingly the same potholes are still there. I wonder what the area corporators are doing there. While they put up big banners complimenting each others birthday and other festivals with much pride, they fail to realise the pulse of the people, when they fail in their prime duty of providing better civic amentities.
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