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Relatives not vacating our flat
Posted by :(Identity Hidden) Level :locality (Ulhasnagar, Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra ) Type :personal Issue Category :Human rights

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Need advice on how can we make our flat vacate which is legally on our name but our relatives are staying there for many years.
The flat is on my mothers name but it was given to my mama (mothers brother) since my nani had asked to and also because he was financialy unstable, so now mama and his family with nani are staying. Eventually nani (age 90+) is been troubled a lot by mama family and suffering alot, they evn beat her, push her. 
So i need advice on two things
1. we need our flat empty 
2. Any ngo for elders who can help us atleast for my nani
We dont live in india so its difficult for us to go the legal way completely. 
This is a noble cause. Seeing elders being troubled a lot by their own children is unbearable.
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